The Parker Collection
  Linda J. Parker is a working artist/photographer formerly of Rochester, NY and now residing in Nevada.. Ms. Parker’s photography has enabled her to chronicle an interesting, challenging and art filled life. From trips to the Florida Keys and the Adirondack Mountains, flights over oceans and mountain ranges, golf courses, public parks, construction sites and abandoned buildings she has captured nature’s wonders and man's creations. An early interest in an architectural career was squelched when her high school guidance counselor told her, "we don't offer drafting to girls". Ms. Parker found her own way to satisfy this longing by buying and renovating historic houses. Her art and restoration activities came together to create Before and After Photography.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Ms. Parker is a well-respected and successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is and has been a mother, an interior decorator/designer, a professional and executive in the employment industry and a steadfast friend to many.

Ms. Parker has followed her own road whenever possible. During the early 1970’s, at the height of the ‘urban flight’, Ms. Parker moved against the tide and relocated from the suburbs to the Southwedge neighborhood of the City of Rochester. In 1977, a longing to live on the water moved Linda to the shores of Lake Ontario and another renovation of a house in need of a massive infusion of TLC. Lacking a foundation and leaning away from the prevailing winds, the restoration of this 5,000-sq. ft., 5-bedroom "cottage" would be the challenge of a lifetime. She made the first of her home studios and gallery in this house becoming what one local architect referred to as "a pioneer". Maintaining both the Southwedge and Lake Ontario houses until the mid 1980's, Ms. Parker left the shores of Lake Ontario to move back to the city. To date she has purchased three more historic houses and restored all of them.

Ms. Parker has always viewed her art as being an integral part of her being. She delights in capturing the quiet splendor of fleeting moments in time and sights un-noticed or passed by. Whether her subject is a rusted piece of machinery in a field, a building with the sunlight just right, the only flower in a field or a spider web glistening with dew she photographs images that bring her joy. Her photography moved into the digital world in 1999 and into the computer enhanced restoration realm in 2001.

Until April of 2003 Ms. Parker resided in a turn of the century home, which she described as being a "continuing work in progress". The ever adventurous Ms. Parker has relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada where her photography will take on new compositions and dimensions. As she says "There is no rust in Nevada!"

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