In late October of 2006 two brothers, and their wives, drove from Rochester, NY to the Outerbanks of North Carolina for a vacation.

After exhausting the supply of music that they brought with them, they began to search for radio stations that pleased them. They discovered that there was and is a flourishing ‘beach music’ scene in the southeast. This ‘beach music’, as it was called, sounded an awful lot like the "rhythm and blues" or "soul" music that they had grown up with and still preferred to listen to. The brothers were very happy campers for the entire vacation and were sorry to lose the music stations when they had to return north.

One of the brothers was a free-lance computer techie who had an idea. As a present for his elder brother, the techie researched how to and then created an online internet radio station. He didn’t have much in mind other than making his brother smile and proving to himself that it could be done. He created a two-hour loop of songs that they had heard and remembered on their vacation to North Carolina and sent his brother an email with a link to the ‘station’. After a few configuration problems to begin with, the older brother was able to hear the ‘station’ and enjoy the music.

The experiment blossomed into what we have all known as FNSTRadio.com. The station went live, complete with website, on November 5th, 2006.

On August 24, 2015, at 0400 EDT, FNSTRadio will cease to broadcast. It was a great run for over eight and a half years and it has been great fun. The pressures of life have become too great and we can no longer maintain the station in the style that we envisioned.

That experiment grew to a radio station with a 3500+ song list that ran for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We are very proud of what we created and hope that you all enjoyed it.

We were lucky enough to be discovered by hundreds of folks all around the world, and are honored to call many of those folks personal friends. FNSTRadio.com introduced us to one another and we shared our lives through the gift of our music.

Thank you one and all for sharing this time with us, we hope we brought a smile to you and yours.


It’s ALL about the Music! – CT Gillens 2006